Rooftop: Verlinkte zielen

© Luk Stiens
Tuesday May 7, 2013 between 12:00 and 14:00:
Kunsthumaniora Brussel

Rooftop: Verlinkte zielen
Yves van den Boogaart: actor, words and idea (vzw Rooftop)
Marc François: musician and singer
Fran Lomme: dramaturgy and acting coach
An old man looks back on an impossible love when both were not even twenty, and how he and his buddy were driving sheep on the rugged hills. Remembering the summer, in which they fell in love with each other, and how that passion continued to sizzle, even after both went separate ways, and how that kept their lives connected forever.

The alternating players collective ‘Rooftop Producties’ has opted for a musical storytelling. A dialogue between the narrator/actor and the musician/narrator. The actor embodies the old cowboy, without even mentioning it, and the musician generates, with lyrics and harmonica, new life into the voice of the deceased friend.

The artists will perform as from 12:45 till 13:45. Every Broodje Brussel concert opens with a performance of young talents of the Kunsthumaniora Brussel. They’re happy to present a delightful program between 12:15 and 12:45.

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