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Whoever is in the driver seat, Variomatic switches smoothly from contemporary folk to funky pop music. Or, from solid rock to intimate blues. Along the way you will undoubtedly recognize a familiar TV tune or a hit from the old days. But don’t be mistaken: while you are sitting cosily in the back, these musicians are so tightly attuned, that you start spontaneously to indulge their natural drive.

The Variomatic pilots are: Koen Garriau (Living Roots): saxophones; Bert Leemans (Embrun): accordion, Paul Garriau (Fluxus): hurdy-gurdy; Dirk Verhegge (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang): acoustic & electric guitar; Koen Dewaele (Kadril): bass and Stef Van Straelen (Yevgueni): drums. But, you already guessed it: this band is more than the sum of the musicians!

In coproduction with GC De Markten

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